What is misrepresentation in real estate?

What are some examples of misrepresentation?

A classic misrepresentation example in contract terms would be telling someone an item is “just like new” when it’s really several years old and worn from use. Inducing someone to enter into a contract with false claims is called misrepresentation.

What types of misrepresentation exist in real estate?

Real Estate Misrepresentation Claims: The Major Types and How to Prevent Them

  • Protecting Against Claims. …
  • Innocent Misrepresentation. …
  • Fraudulent Misrepresentation. …
  • Negligent Misrepresentation.

Can you go to jail for misrepresentation?

California Penal Code 532 PC defines the crime of theft by false pretenses as defrauding someone of money or property by way of false promises or representations. The offense may be prosecuted as a misdemeanor or a felony and carries a penalty of up to 3 years in jail or prison.

How do you prove misrepresentation?

To prove fraudulent misrepresentation has occurred, six conditions must be met:

  1. A representation was made. …
  2. The claim was false. …
  3. The claim was known to be false. …
  4. The plaintiff relied on the information. …
  5. Made with the intention of influencing the plaintiff. …
  6. The plaintiff suffered a material loss.

What is an example of innocent misrepresentation?


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The aim of rescission is to return the parties back to their pre-contract positions. For example, in Keen v. Alterra Developments Ltd. two purchasers contracted with a builder, Alterra Developments, to build their dream home.

What are the remedies for misrepresentation?

If a misrepresentation is relied upon in entering a contract, a person can: seek to rescind (cancel) the contract; or. sue for damages to compensate for any loss.

What is an example of negligent misrepresentation?

Negligent misrepresentation occurs when someone makes a statement without regard to the true facts. For instance, if you tell a person that a stereo system is brand new when it is four-years-old and has been used heavily, then this can be considered negligent misrepresentation.

How do you prove innocent misrepresentation?

Innocent Misrepresentation

The pre-contractual statement was false, but the maker of the statement wasn’t negligent in making the statement. The maker of the statement must reasonably believe that what was stated to be true.

Who is responsible for misrepresentation?

Sellers can avoid liability for intentional misrepresentation by showing that they had no knowledge they were presenting false information. However, if the seller relied on false or misleading information without justification, then the seller can be liable for negligent misrepresentation.

What is the penalty for misrepresentation?

Whoever makes any misrepresentation to, or suppresses any material fact from the Controller or the Certifying Authority for obtaining any licence or 1 [electronic signature Certificate], as the case may be, shall be punished with imprisonment for a term which may extend to two years, or with fine which may extend to

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