Quick Answer: What is acronym for real estate?

What is the acronym for real estate?

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How do you shorten real estate?

However, unlike with a particular stock, there is no direct way to short the real estate market, so investors will trade real estate investment trusts (REITs) and shares of companies within the real estate industry instead.

What does BP mean real estate?

A basis point is a mortgage (and overall financial services industry) term to describe differences and changes in interest rates. One basis point is one one-hundredth of a percent, or 0.01 percent. Therefore one hundred basis points is one percent.

What does R S mean in real estate?

LE – Life Estate. TE – Tenants In The Entirety. RS – Community Property With Rights of Survivorship Multiple vesting codes used when there is more than one type. of vesting on a property.

What is DA in real estate?

What Is a Disbursement Authorization (DA)? Most state real estate boards will allow a Market Center to present a DA to the closing entity and have the closing entity disburse the broker’s funds at the closing table.

What does Fin mean in real estate?

MLS Abbreviations

A/I Attorney Approval/Home Inspection
FIN Financing
HCnn Buyer’s Home Sale Closing
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What does a short sale mean for the buyer?

Short sales are a mixed bag for the buyer, the seller and the lender. … In a short sale, the proceeds from the transaction are less than the amount the seller needs to pay the mortgage debt and the costs of selling. For this deal to close, everyone who is owed money must agree to take less, or possibly no money at all.