Question: Where do I pay my Detroit property taxes?

How do I pay my city of Detroit taxes?

You can pay your City of Detroit Income taxes by:

  1. Having City of Detroit taxes withheld from your paycheck. …
  2. Sending a check or money order for your tax liability when you file. …
  3. Making estimated tax payments to the State of Michigan throughout the year. …
  4. For filing instructions see State of Michigan website.

How do I look up property taxes in Detroit?

For more information call the Treasurer’s Office Tax Information Line at 313-224-5990. You may search by Property Address or by Parcel ID. Municipality: Optional – Select from the list. Street Number: Optional – Enter the first 1 or more digits of the street number.

Can I pay my property taxes online in Michigan?

Michigan Department of Treasury is now accepting electronic payments for estimated taxes by using the Michigan Individual Income Tax e-Payments system.

Who is exempt from paying property taxes?

Who Is Exempt From Paying Property Taxes? Some types of properties are exempt from real estate taxes. These include qualifying nonprofit and religious and government properties. Senior citizens, veterans, and those eligible for STAR (the School Tax Relief program) may qualify for exemptions, as well.

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Can someone take your property by paying the taxes?

Paying someone’s taxes does not give you claim or ownership interest in a property, unless it’s through a tax deed sale. This means that paying taxes on a property you’re interested in buying won’t do you any good.

Do I have to pay Detroit city tax?

Yes. If you are a Detroit resident, all of your income is subject to Detroit tax, no matter where it is earned.

How much is property tax in Detroit?

residential property tax rate for 2019 was 67.6 mills. This indicates that Detroit’s residential property tax rate was 1.6 times the State’s average property tax rate in 2019.

How do I get my Detroit tax refund?

You can confirm that the City of Detroit has received your return by calling 517-636-5829 from 8a-445pm Mon-Fri or by emailing

How do Detroit property taxes work?

A mill is $1 per $1,000 of the taxable value of the property. Example: If the taxable value of a house is $20,000 and your rate is 35 mills, then your tax is $700. If the taxable value is $10,000 and your tax rate is 35 mills, then your tax is $350.

How do I find out who owns a property in Detroit? 400 Monroe Avenue #700, Detroit, MI 48226 (313) 224-5854 The best way to determine ownership of a property is to check the last recorded deed. At the Register of Deeds office you can search for an owner by person’s name or business’s name or address.

How do I find out if a house has back taxes?

If the piece of property you’re looking to buy is in a county that doesn’t have an online database, you can always call the county’s Treasurer’s office and give them the parcel number. They will be able to look up any back taxes and tax liens for you.

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