How do you respond to online real estate leads?

How do you talk to a lead in real estate?

Approaching new real estate leads

  1. Introduce yourself briefly.
  2. Explain how you got their information.
  3. Ask if now is a good time to chat.
  4. Ask what triggered their home buying or selling.
  5. Touch on current market conditions, and ask if they have any initial questions.

How do I follow up on Internet leads?

The key to successful internet lead follow up is to respond rapidly and repeatedly. Agents that have success converting internet leads follow two very important rules: Respond within the first 5 minutes of receiving the lead. Nurture & follow-up with leads 9 times over 9 weeks.

How do you introduce yourself as a real estate agent?

Hi {Agent first name}. This is {name}. We’ll be working together with {client first name last name} who we connected with via I’ve already introduced myself to {home buyer} and will connect with you soon.

How do you talk to leads?

Your aim should be to contact the lead and engage them in conversation. Ask if they found the information interesting and if they have any further questions, or if there’s anything else they need. A good strategy is to have some form of ‘exploratory’ call, which means they get to speak to one of your experts.

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How do you follow up effectively?

Here are five simple steps to effectively follow-up after a sale.

  1. Send a note to say thank you. Some companies send emails. …
  2. Check in. It’s a good strategy to call clients a week or two after the sale and find out how everything is going. …
  3. Keep the lines of communication open. …
  4. Think second sale. …
  5. Ask for referrals.

How do you follow up with a warm lead?

Here are some simple rules for following up with warm leads:

  1. Send an email RIGHT AFTER the phone call mentioning some specifics of the call and detailing next steps. …
  2. Follow up again 3-5 days after that first email if there is no response.
  3. After that, follow up weekly until you get a response.

What falls under real estate?

Real estate is the land along with any permanent improvements attached to the land, whether natural or man-made—including water, trees, minerals, buildings, homes, fences, and bridges. Real estate is a form of real property.

How do I prepare for a real estate interview?

Dress professionally.

  1. Research the company. Search the company’s website to get to know their agents, market and clientele. …
  2. Bring questions to ask the interviewer. Prepare three to five questions to ask the interviewer. …
  3. Arrive on time. …
  4. Dress professionally.

How do you describe real estate agent on a resume?

Real Estate Agents help clients sell or lease properties. Usual work activities described in a Real Estate Agent resume include assessing the property’s condition, taking pictures, advertising the property, identifying prospective buyers, offering advice to clients and buyers, and liaising between the two parties.

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What do you say when you call a lead?

Tout your experience. Most importantly, allow the lead to know why that’s in their best interest. Say something like, “I’m sure they are great and want to do the right thing for you. A lot of the time, however, they’re inexperienced in the industry and only do one or two deals a year.

How do you approach leads?

Ten tips for approaching cold leads

  1. Find good leads. …
  2. Stay within the law. …
  3. Have a clear aim. …
  4. Know your message. …
  5. Train staff. …
  6. Start off on the right foot. …
  7. Concentrate on the customer. …
  8. Use different sales channels.