What does bounds mean real estate?

What does metes and bounds stand for?

Metes and bounds are the boundaries of a parcel of real estate that identified by its natural landmarks. Metes and Bounds landmarks are often used in a “legal description” of a land. … Natural monuments and artificial monuments can both be used as metes and bounds.

What is an example of metes and bounds?

Metes and bounds are the limits or boundaries of a piece of property as identified by its natural landmarks. Examples of metes and bounds landmarks include rivers, roads, stakes, or other such natural or manmade markers.

What is a bound survey?

Bounds are less specific. They may appear in a description as a building, rock, or other nonpermanent marker. When using this method to survey land, the description directs the surveyor to start at a certain point. This may be at an intersection of roads, a particular point on a stream or something even more nebulous.

Where are metes and bounds?

A principal legal type of land description in the United States, metes-and-bounds descriptions are commonly used wherever survey areas are irregular in size and shape. The land boundaries are run out by courses and distances, and monuments, natural or artificial, are fixed at the corners, or angles.

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Is metes and bounds still used?

There are more modern, standardized systems for land boundaries today, but the metes and bounds plotter system continues to hang on in the form of old land surveys, deeds and other documents.

How do you read metes and bounds?

“Metes and bounds” refers to the surveyor’s measurements of each portion of the property boundary. To read a plat, first locate the North arrow. This will orient you to the property’s actual location on the ground. Next, find the survey legend.

How do you prepare a metes and bounds legal description?

A good metes-and-bounds description starts at a point of beginning, which should be monumented and referenced by ties or distances from well-established monuments on the underlying survey framework. The bearing and length of each side is given in turn around the tract to close back on the point of beginning.

Is a survey legally binding?

The drawing of the boundaries is a legally binding document. The surveyors must comply with state rules and regulations about defining property lines and detailing parcels of land.

How much should a boundary survey cost?

Boundary Survey Cost

The price of a boundary survey is $100 to $600 on average. It is the most basic type that people get when they’re buying a home or pursuing a project.

What do you get with a boundary survey?

Boundary surveys physically measure and locate a boundary line using permanent monuments, such as iron pipes or iron pins. To determine boundary lines, a boundary survey retraces or creates the physical boundary lines on the ground.

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