How do I share a saved home on a realtor?

How do I share my house on realtor com?

Holding your finger on a home image will bring up the full listing details. You also have the ability to add a custom reaction sticker to the home to add additional emphasis and fun. Then simply tap “Add to Message” and you are ready to send!

How do I share my saved homes on Zillow?

Once downloaded, simply tap the app store logo within Messages, and turn on the Zillow iMessage app. Users will be able to immediately share their saved home searches instantly, anytime and anywhere.

How do I change my home facts on realtor com?

To edit this section, log in to your Dashboard and navigate to: Profile (1) > Manage Profile (2), then click the Edit link (3) towards the right side of the main panel on the page. After making changes to each section, click Save at the bottom of the page.

Can you see how many times a house has been viewed on Realtor?

The Listings Performance Report will provide details on how many times the listings have shown up in search results, appeared in searches, how many times the listings were viewed, consumer activity, inquiries, leads received and profile views.

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Can I share my realtor com account?

Just log in to your dashboard and navigate to the Listings tab to choose the listing you’d like to share and the platform where you want to share it! You’ll be redirected to the selected platform to log in and share the link to the® property detail page.

What is the most expensive house in the world?

As of 2014, it was considered the world’s most expensive private residence costing between US$1 and 2 billion to build. It is located on Altamount Road, Cumballa Hill in South Mumbai.

Antilia (building)

Antilia, Mumbai
Cost US $2.6 billion
Owner Mukesh Ambani
Height 173 m (568 ft)
Technical details

Can you link two Zillow accounts?

If you have more than one email address, you can add additional emails to your profile through your Account Settings section. Once the email in the listing feed data matches an email in your Zillow account, your listings will sync automatically!

How do I stop sharing on Zillow?

Please follow these steps to remove a shopping partner:

  1. Sign in to the Zillow app from a smartphone.
  2. Navigate to the saved homes tab (bottom center of the app)
  3. In the upper right corner, select “Sharing”
  4. Next to your shopping partner’s email, tap “Remove”
  5. On the prompt that appears, select “Remove” again.

How do I get pictures of my house off realtor com?

If you find yourself in a similar situation, here’s what to do:

  1. Create a free account on the site or log on to your existing one.
  2. “Claim” your property.
  3. Head to the owner view/dashboard.
  4. See if you can delete the photos from the dashboard. There is a “Remove Photos” button on
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Is Zillow always up-to-date?

Unlike the MLS, the multiple listing service used by members of the National Association of Realtors to post properties, Zillow doesn’t have up-to-date information on house status, Freeman said. … “A lot people don’t realize some of these houses are not listed, they’re not on the market or they’re under contract.

Can you delete price history on Zillow?

Zillow displays property information to provide consumers with transparent real estate information. For this reason, we do not remove property pages from Zillow. … If your property page displays erroneous price history or public record data, report the issue here.