Frequent question: Does Facebook Work for real estate?

Do you need Facebook for real estate?

According to Facebook’s Terms of Services policy, it’s in violation of their policy to create a Facebook profile page for conducting business. So unless you’re a real estate agent who wants the Facebook hammer to come down on your business, real estate agents should set up a Facebook business page.

Can you list real estate on Facebook?

Posting your real estate listings to facebook is easier than you think! Posting to facebook is actually surprisingly easy. In fact, it’s the same way you would post a link to any web page. … That is why many agents use a single property website and they direct all their online traffic to that.

Can you target real estate agents on Facebook?

There are two types of Facebook ads for real estate agents. First, you can target a specific zip code or geographic area for buyers and sellers. Second, you can target a farm area with a specific list of people to target.

Are Facebook ads worth it for Realtors?

With the growth of video marketing, many agents are incorporating video into their Facebook advertising strategy. Video ads are an excellent way to bring properties to life and give prospects a realistic look inside of homes.

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Can you do real estate without social media?

YES! The average Realtor is 57 years old and has probably spent their career operating in a traditional marketplace without social media.

Can you post land for sale on Facebook?

This ad type is created directly on your Facebook Page and offers the basic targeting options you’ll need to get the word out on your land sale. NOTE: There are many more targeting options if you create a true Facebook Advertising Account, but it’s not necessary if you’d like to run a Promoted Post.

What rules does Facebook impose on real estate marketing?

No Longer Allowed to Target by Zip Code – speaking with our Facebook contacts, a minimum 15 Mile Radius will be the smallest geographical targeting available. That’s right – no more micro-targeting of neighborhoods where you know your buyers are most likely to come from.

How do you target your audience for real estate on Facebook?

While several info fields will help you precisely target users, mentioned below are a few crucial targeting points to be considered for real estate marketing.

  1. User Location. …
  2. Age & Sex. …
  3. Interest. …
  4. Education. …
  5. Job Title. …
  6. Relationship & Languages. …
  7. Other Features such as Lookalike Audiences. …
  8. Facebook Ads Campaign and Pricing.

How do I target my real estate audience on Facebook?

For Real Estate Facebook ads, the first layer of targeting should be based on location. Facebook allows you to target as precisely as people living in a particular ZIP code. Next, you can add demographic filters like age, income, etc. to target your ads to people who can afford to buy a home.

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